Hi friends!

I apologize for the lack of updates on my site. After 2 weeks of working hard on my blog, I fell into the black hole of laziness for more than 2 months. Ha! It always happen to the best of us, I guess 🙂 . But seriously now, I spent time my time actually trying to review everything and decided to change the format of my site. From the last 2-3 weeks, I spent time moving my site to another hosting site, changed the theme and layout more than 100x, spent endless hours on designing and all the blah blah that goes with it. So you see, I wasn’t just being lazy at all! And for a total noob like me in web designing, I am proud of the improvement I made from my first ever design and the lessons I’ve learned along the way (and F those softwares, apps and words totally new to me that I needed to learn and made my neurons bleed mercy!).

A few things:

I am currently working on the Executive Corner of my blog which will tackle the life of those who made/making it with their careers and live the life to the fullest while travelling at the same time. I’m tired of the stereotype that in order for you to travel and work at the same time, you have to do “shit jobs” you don’t like. First of all, there’s no “shit jobs”. As long as you love what you do, it is legal and you’re not hurting anyone, you have to be proud of it – whether it involves cleaning toilet or managing multinational companies. Soooo friends, I have a couple of people lined up for this section that I will interview that do not have your stereotype jobs for someone living a nomadic life. I have a travelling lawyer, business people, nurse and me, myself and I who are willing to answer your questions on how we did it. My question is, what are the type of things you want to know from these people. Please comment below. I’ll make sure that all your concerns will be addressed. Also if anyone is willing to be interviewed on my Executive Corner, feel free to send me a message. Thanks!

I decided to monetize my blog through affiliated marketing and started posting ads 2 days ago (reason why I changed platform). This morning, I woke up with 2 sales on it. Yes, 2-sales-out-of-the-3-ads-I-just-posted-after-2-days-ago! Obviously, it didn’t make me a millionaire yet and my one meal is more expensive than of my commission but it made me so happy with the positive response even without any serious marketing yet on my side. And to those people who made their purchase through my site, I’m wishing you a happy, fulfilled and abundant life! LOL. I’M SERIOUS! So if you want me to bless you with positive wishes, please book and buy through ads on my site ;).

A shout out to my friend Ronen for helping me improve my logo. Thanks for patiently answering my questions regarding stuff!


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